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The World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award is only awarded to organisations that demonstrate visionary leadership in the design and application of new technologies that have a significant impact on the way businesses and society operate. is proud to have been recognised in this way, and its receipt of this award marks the company as the market leader in the field of online reputation management.

The internet offers a fantastic platform for the digital promotion of companies and individuals alike, but as a perpetually evolving environment, this base can be unpredictable.  A carefully crafted online image and reputation can take time to establish, and once achieved is a powerful tool.  However, the success of a good image is built on visibility and accessibility of data and information, and it is this fact that makes a reputation vulnerable to attack.  One or two negative commentaries targeted to the right places can unpick a positive online presence with alarming speed. has made its business focus managing online presence for companies and individuals and helping them maximise the benefits from accurate content.  Through the skilful application of creative approaches to the online world, has helped over a million clients all over the world to regain control of their online lives.  Each campaign is designed with the specific needs of the client in mind.

Established in 2006, operates at a global level, with a crack team of technology and research experts.  Drawing on the expertise of some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley and the United Kingdom, has been able to redefine the approach to online reputation management.  Successful control of an online presence requires a detailed grasp of the complexities of how the Internet is constructed, the algorithms employed by the main search engines, and the impact of social media, blogs and forums on the overall presence of an entity on the web.

Only when all of these elements and more are considered can a campaign be developed to help a client regain control of their online reputation.  With issues of privacy and data ownership still very much up for discussion in the online world, companies and individuals alike can never have 100% control over the information about them that makes its way into the public domain.  Yet proves daily that it is very possible to control the information once it is out there.  That is the essence of online reputation management, and its unparalleled competence in this field is what makes stand out from the crowd.